Travelling as a vaper? We've got you covered!

Do you dream of when we are allowed to travel abroad again? Hopefully it will soon be a reality, but in the meantime it’s worth revisiting the etiquette of travelling abroad. Take it from someone who accidentally forgot to put their vaping gear in the hold luggage and was stopped at Rome Fiumicino airport carrying vaping paraphernalia! That’s a delay and aggravation you really do not need!

Our top tips:

ALWAYS research the laws and restrictions for where you are travelling to. Some places are not all that friendly towards e cigarettes and it’s better to be aware than learn the hard way.

Airports are stressful enough as it is, the last thing you need is an inquisition over what you are carrying (I do speak from experience!) Clarify pre flight what the protocols are and what you can do to minimise any friction during your airport and flight experience.

If you are unsure of a venue’s policy, just ask! It’s simply good manners to ask permission before vaping in anyone’s establishment/car/home! The proprietor will always appreciate being asked rather than having to handle complaints from others.

This is a topic we could cover forever and a day so if you have any queries or further questions do give us a call to discuss!

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