Become an AFFILIATE MEMBER ( Join our Affiliate Marketing Scheme)

Do you Vape?

Have you got lots of Friends, Family, Work colleagues or Online community? 

Are you a Social Media Influencer?

Why not generate some extra cash? Our Affiliate scheme pays our one of the highest commission levels available.

By signing up to our Affiliate Scheme you can earn 10% commission on all your referred sales.

Click Here to go to our Affiliate Scheme or go to the top of the home page, Main menu, right hand side and click on the Link Affiliates.

This will take you to the login scheme for the Affiliate programme.

Register there, its FREE. All you need is your name and email address

 You will then see your personal Dashboard.

You will see a link which you can send out to all your contacts. When they use that link to purchase anything on our website you will generate a commission of 10% of the value of the sale (Excluding postage).

On your personal dashboard it shows you every sale that has been made using your link and the commission generated.

You can redeem your commission as a discount on future orders on the site or get the money transferred to your nominated bank account. Our aim is to make all commission payments within the first 10 days of the month end.

Minimum commission payment to a bank account is £20. If you commission is less than £20 then it will rollover until you hit the minimum payment amount.

Just a couple of things to bear in mind.

 The scheme is driven by Cookies saved in the browser of your referred friend. If they place an order through a different browser than the one they used originally when they visited the website then the system might not register the sale on your dashboard.

Furthermore if they use a different platform the same thing might apply ie if they open the email from you on a laptop but place the order via a mobile phone then the cookie will not be saved and the system will not know that the order has been placed via the affiliate link. This will not be registered by the affiliate scheme.

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