• 510/ eGo adapter: An adapter you tighten in that converts the threading from 510 to the eGo thread.
  • 510 Thread: Threading located at the head of the mod or battery which the tank goes into
  • 510 Drip Tip: A mouthpiece that fits a 510 tank
  • 810 Drip Tip: A mouthpiece that works with a 810 tank
  • 18350 Battery: A battery with up to 800 mAh used with 18350 mods.
  • 18490/18500 Battery: A battery with up to 1300mAh works with mods that require a 18500 battery
  • 18650 Battery: A majority of devices will use this size battery
  • 20700 Battery: Bigger than the 18650. Holds double the amount of mAh. Used in mods that require 20700 batteries
  • 26650 Battery: A battery for use in mods that utilize 26650 batteries



  • Airflow Control (AFC): Devices with AFC allow the user to modify the amount of air they get when they vape, the less air the “tighter” the draw (inhale)
  • Atomizer: The part that heats up inside an e-cigarette. This will have wicking material threaded through it, normally natural Japanese cotton.
  • Atomizer Head: This is where the coil and wick are found within an atomizer
  • All Day Vape (ADV): An e-liquid that you vape all day without feeling the need to switch flavours.
  • Amerpage (Amps): Electrical current measurement
  • Automatic: An e-cig that doesn’t have a button to fire it
  • Analog Cigarettes: Classic cigarettes




  • Battery: This is where your device will get power from so you can use it
  • Bottom coil clearomizer (BCC): Clearomizer with one coil at the base (bottom)
  • Bottom Vertical Coil clearomizer (BVC): A clearomizer where the coils are installed vertically not horizontally
  • Box Mod: A box shaped device normally requires 4 batteries depending on the design. Box mods can either be mechanical (for use with an RDA) or variable wattage which lets the vaper control the power of the device
  • Building: Constructing coils and wicking them for an RTA or RDTA
  • Build Deck: The deck where you craft coils. Found underneath the cap in a rebuildable tank or RDA
  • Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer (BDC): A bottom coil clearomizer with dual coils. A BDC will produce bigger clouds and a stronger throat kick than a single coil clearomizer but it’ll also have worse battery life
  • Bottom Feeder: This may sound like an insult from Spongebob but this is just another term for clearomizers where the atomiser is at the base of the coil.




  • Clearomiser: A pen style tank which has a capacity of between 0.5ml - 1.8ml. Constructed out of plastic
  • Clone: A fake version of a product made with bad material also clones don’t go through the same testing as a proper product meaning you could be in danger if you’re using a clone
  • Cloud Chaser: A vaper who wants to produce large amounts of vapour (clouds)
  • Clouds: This is what you see come out of a vaper’s mouth when they use their device, the proper name for it is vapour.
  • Coil: The heating element within a tank, clearomizer or RDA
  • Competition Cap: A case made for an RDA to make performance better by allowing more air to the coils
  • Connection Pin: A safety feature included on a large amount of mods that automatically turns the power off after 10 secs of constant firing
  • Chain Vaping: When you consistently vape in a sequence, puff after puff.
  • CASAA: Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association. A non-profit organisation that stands up for vapers
  • Cigalike: A cigarette looking vape




  • Direct Lung Inhale: When you breath in the vapour straight away to send it directly to your lungs, sub-ohm devices are the best at doing this
  • Dripper: A nickname for an RDA
  • Drip Tip: The mouthpiece of the vape. Comes in many different styles
  • Dry Burn: This is when you heat your coil to burn off excess e-liquid, you have to be careful this method because if you do it for too long you’ll burn your coil out
  • Dry Hit: This is when you take a hit of a vape with a burnt coil, you’ll immediately taste it and is a sign that you need to change the coil ASAP
  • Disposable E-Cigarette: Designed to be trashed after it’s done.
  • Dripping: This is when you drip e-liquid onto an atomiser before use, this method results in incredible flavour vs a standard vape.


  • E-Cig: Concise term for an e-cigarette
  • E-Juice: A different but still valid term for e-liquid
  • eGo Battery: A pen shaped battery which is 4.2V in power
  • Electronic Cigarette: Another name for a vape, full name for e-cig
  • External Battery: Devices with external batteries have the ability to swap out batteries when they run out, no need to wait around for charging
  • External Charging: Charging the battery using a standalone charger
  • ECITA: Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association. Represents the UK e-cig industry. Members are charged a monthly fee, have to obey a set of strict rules and are subject to detailed audits twice a year. Also campaigns for equal regulations.
  • Electronic Cigar: A cigar looking e-cig
  • Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits: Kits for newbies usually comes with batteries, atomisers, chargers, paperwork and cartridges
  • E-Smoking: Another term for vaping



  • Flavour Chasing: Someone who prioritises flavour over clouds, they want the tastiest vape possible and don’t mind missing out on clouds to achieve it
  • Flooding: The occurrence of excess e-liquid in the coil, leads to leaking and a horrible gurgling sound
  • Filler Material: Material within e-cig cartridges which absorbs e-liquid



  • Grub Screws: Screws that are utilized in the posts of an RBA, holds the coil securely in place.
  • Gurgling: You can hear your device gurgle when the coil is flooded with too much e-liquid, it’s a very distinctive sound



  • Hot Spot: When rebuilding a coil if you don’t adjust it the right way it can heat up incorrectly resulting in one of the wraps heating up faster than the others. This results in the cotton burning or sometimes even snapping or melting



  • Inhale: The act of breathing in vapour when using your device
  • Internal Battery: A device with an inbuilt battery which cannot be removed, devices like this must be charged with a cable


  • Juice: A different name for e-liquid



  • Kanthal: Material used in the crafting of rebuildable coils




  • Leaking: Like a leak in your house’s plumbing this is when liquid comes out of somewhere it’s not supposed to, in vaping terms this liquid will be your e-juice.
  • Liquid: A different name for e-liquid
  • Low Resistance: Any device under 0.20ohms is low resistance
  • LED: LED’s are used on many vapes, they’re simply lights that give the user information for example in a disposable when you vape it, it’ll light up at the base



  • mAh: Milliamps per hour: The capacity of a battery
  • Menthol: A different name for mint in e-juice
  • Mg: Short version of milligrams, used to measure nicotine amount
  • Micro USB: A charging port on most devices however Micro USB is being phased out by the newer USB-C
  • Mint: A different name for menthol in e-juice
  • Mod: The main body of your vape is the mod, inside a mod you’ll find your batteries and on the face of a mod depending on some devices you’ll see a touch screen that you can use to change wattage, temperature control etc
  • Modders: People who craft their own mods, the more experienced the vaper the better at modding they are (usually)
  • Mouthpiece: A different name for a drip tip
  • MTL: Stands for mouth to lung unlike DTL (direct to lung) where you take the vapour in straight away, with MTL you take it into your mouth first and then into your lungs


  • Ni80 Coil: A coil made from nickel wire
  • Ni200 Wire: A coil made from nickel wire which is used in temperature sensing mods
  • Nic Shot: A different name for for Nicotine Booster
  • Nicotine Booster: A different name for Nic Shot
  • Nicotine: Known as “Nic” this is the substance found in cigarettes and some e-juice. With e-juice nicotine levels range from 0.2%-2.0%


  • O-Ring: A seal made from rubber found normally at the bottom of a tank, prevents leaking
  • Ohm - This is the measurement of the resistance of a coil
  • Organic Cotton: Utilized inside a majority of coils as a wicking material due to it being highly absorbent



  • Parallel Box Mod: This is a device with more than one battery, Parallel Box Mods have better battery life but the power doesn’t increase
  • Pass Through: A device which can be used while it’s connected to a charger
  • Pen Style: A device that has the length and width of a pen (can be a little bigger but there is a limit)
  • PG: Proplyene Glycol. A key ingredient in e-liquid, PG provides flavour.
  • Positive and negative posts: Found in an RBA its where the legs of the coil are installed
  • Priming: This is when you add some small drops of e-liquid to the cotton of your coil to make sure its properly saturated, this is to ensure you don’t get a dry hit.
  • Protected battery: A battery with a protective chip they have a raised top and don’t work with variable wattage devices
  • Pull: Another term for vaping, you take a pull when you use your vape
  • Primer Puff: When you take a mini puff on your vape to use the atomiser. Not usually necessary unless you haven’t used your device for a while



  • RBA: Rebuildable atomiser base for tanks with normal coils
  • RDA: Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser
  • RDTA: Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser
  • Rebuildable tank: A tank that utilizes handmade coils
  • RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomiser
  • Resistance: The resistance of the coil (measured in Ohms). Lower resistance = more clouds and more heat



  • Series Box Mod: A mod which utilizes more than one battery. A series box mod does the opposite to a parallel box mod (scroll up for definition) a series box mod will improve power but not battery life
  • Squonking: Using a device with a bottom fed RDA: The mod has a tube which lets liquid travel up to it when the bottle within is pressed lightly (or squonked).
  • Stacking batteries: A very risky method of using more than 1 battery to make a device more powerful – please don’t do this it’s simply not worth the risk
  • Starter kit: Designed for new vapers, they’re very simple devices that are usually best suited for MTL inhaling
  • Stealth vaping: Devices which can easily be hidden in the hand also they don’t produce much if any vapour at all.
  • Steel mesh: Another wicking material utilized in certain types of RDAs
  • Steeping: When an e-liquid is first produced the flavour might be okay but not brilliant, steeping is when the producer lets the bottle sit around for a while, this allows the flavours to meld together resulting in better taste
  • SS316L: Stainless steel wire for use in crafting coils
  • Sub-Ohm: A coil with an electrical resistance of 0.99 or lower
  • Sweet Spot: To find your sweet spot in vaping terms is when you find the right wattage and/or temperature setting for you however manufactuers will always give a wattage recommendation for their coils e.g. VooPoo’s PnP-VM6 coil is best between 60W-80W
  • Smoke-juice: A different name for e-liquid (rarely used though)



  • Tank: This is where you will put your e-liquid, it’s also where you’ll find your atomizer and coil.
  • Temp Control (TC): A mod with temperature control will let you change the temperature of your vape this will then automatically change the power that goes to your coil this will keep your coil and vape at the desired temperature only coils made from nickel, titanium, NiChrome or stainless steel can be used for TC
  • Throat Hit: The feeling in the back of your throat when vaping or smoking. High PG e-liquids will give a more noticeable throat hit. Nic shots can also affect throat hits, an e-liquid with nicotine will have a stronger hit than an e-liquid without
  • Ti Coil: A coil with a wire made from titanium
  • Tricks: Tricks in the vaping world is when you exhale in style, a basic trick is blowing rings while a more advanced trick would be the helix tornado for example



  • Unicorn Bottle: A bottle with a needle cap that is used to contain e-juice
  • Unprotected Battery: A battery without any specific, in built protection. Unprotected batteries aren’t really a risk as the mods that use them have internal power protection anyway
  • Unregulated Mod: A mod without wattage control also the mod will use max power from the batteries. Unregulated mods are designed to be used with rebuildable tanks and dripping atomizers



  • Vape Band: A rubber ring that goes around the glass tube on your tank to prevent it cracking when dropped.
  • Vape Juice: An alternate name for e-liquid
  • Vaper: A person who uses an e-cigarette
  • Vaper’s Tongue: Vaper’s Tongue is an affliction which occurs when you use a specific flavour for too long this results in you not being able to taste the flavour at all, the cure is to switch out flavours and vape it for a week or so and then when you switch back to your favourite you should be able to taste it
  • Vaping: A term for using your vape
  • Vapour: This is the official term for the “clouds” you see when someone vapes
  • Vent Holes: These are found on most mods they’re installed to let the battery vent which is when gasses are released, it’s a vital function.
  • Venting Battery: When the battery isn’t used in the right manner it can ruin your device and harm yourself
  • VG: Vegetable glycerine. A key ingredient in making e-liquid, the higher the VG the more clouds you can produce using that liquid
  • Voltage Drop: This is when you lose power due to a problem with the chip inside your device, the materials or loose posts
  • Volts: A measurement of power from your battery
  • VW: Variable Wattage.



  • Wire: Used for crafting coils to produce the heating element
  • Wicking: Material used to soak up your juice, this is then transferred to the coil for vaporising. Wicking material is normally made from cotton
  • Wrap: The outer skin around a battery or mod, protects against damage



  • Zero Nic: E-liquid with exactly 0% nicotine
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