The Ultimate Guide to Vaping for Beginners: How to Get Started Vaping

Whether you're a lifelong smoker seeking to quit or someone searching for a new hobby, vaping opens up numerous possibilities that can provide you with the skills you need to quit smoking while also enjoying a plethora of new flavours you may not have tried before.

Unlike smoking cigarettes, vaping may be enjoyable by experimenting with new flavours and performing vape tricks. Once you've mastered the fundamentals of vaping and how to get started, you'll be able to enjoy your new hobby fast and easily. Please browse our website to find a variety of kits from major manufacturers such as SMOK, Aspire, Innokin, and Voopoo.

Learning How to Vape for Beginners: Making the Switch

Do you want to convert from smoking cigarettes to vaping? Do you want to know which kits are ideal for beginners? Below are some top pre-purchase recommendations to make the transition from smoking to vaping as simple and painless as possible, while also making it a delightful experience.

There’s a Perfect E-Cigarette Match for Everyone

The best vape kit for you might not be the first one you try. Those who smoke cigarettes typically have a favourite brand, the same can be said of vapers who will also have preferred brand of e-cigarette or e-liquid. If you've tried vaping before and didn't enjoy it, don't give up; there are so many alternatives available, and we're confident there's a vape out there for you. If you require any additional assistance, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

You May Get Frustrated                                                                                                                                 

Smoking provides an immediate nicotine dose because cigarettes have been developed over many years to deliver nicotine as soon as you take a draw. However, because nicotine takes a little longer to enter your system when vaping, it is very common for people to become irritated by this. Stick with it, though, because the nicotine hit lasts longer with vaping than with smoking cigarettes.

Don’t Vape like a Smoker

The first error that most people make when transitioning from smoking to vaping is that they try to vape like they are smoking a cigarette, taking a long and strong pull (drag) on their device exactly like they would with a cigarette; however, this is not the best way to use a vape. Instead, you should drag (pull) slowly and steadily.

How Do You Choose Your First E-Cig?

The process of smoking a cigarette isn't rocket science. Simply light one end, place the other in your mouth, and start puffing; however, getting started with a vape for the first time can be intimidating. Vapes necessitate some maintenance, such as swapping out worn parts (such as coils), charging the battery, and ensuring you have enough liquid.

For your first vape kit, we recommend selecting a device that is simple to use and maintain, as well as a flavour that you are familiar with in real life (whether that is a specific fruit or dessert that you know you like). It's crucial to remember that choosing the appropriate e-liquid for you will require a lot of trial and error, so don't give up!

How Do You Know What E-Liquid to Choose?

When you’re purchasing e-liquid (especially as a beginner) there are a few things to consider:                 

  1. The VG/PG ratio of the liquid

The two primary elements in e-liquid are VG and PG, and most e-liquids (particularly for beginners) contain a 50/50 combination. 50/50 e-liquids are typically runny and thin, making them ideal for starter and beginner devices because they are easy to vaporise and often come in higher nicotine concentrations that are suitable for beginners. Higher VG mixtures, such as 70VG/30PG or 80VG/20PG, are much thicker and more difficult to vaporise, necessitating the use of a more powerful device.

  1. The Nicotine Strength of the E-Liquid

Obviously, the fewer cigarettes you smoke, the less nicotine you will need to vape. Based on how many cigarettes you smoke per day, here are some estimates for what dose of nicotine you should vape. If you discover that your recommended level is either too strong or too weak, you can reduce or increase it.

Cigarettes Smoked to Nicotine Level in E-Liquid

Between 1 and 5 Cigarettes a Day

3mg (0.3%)

Between 6 and 10 CIgarettes a Day

6mg (0.6%)

Between 11 and 15 Cigarettes a Day

12mg (1.2%)

15+ Cigarettes a Day

18mg (1.8%)


  1. The Flavour of the E-Liquid

This is the exciting part. There are thousands of flavours to pick from, so you have the opportunity to experiment and find a flavour that you enjoy.

E-Juice Flavours

Choosing a flavour might be a difficult task, but it can also be a lot of fun! Taste is subjective therefore it is difficult to provide a flavour recommendation, especially for a beginning vaper. We recommend that a new vaper start with a flavour that they know they like in real life, such as a fruit flavour or a great cool menthol (especially if you smoked menthol cigarettes).

Once you've mastered the fundamentals of vaping, you'll feel lot more at ease and will be able to experiment with new flavours.

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