Disposables...The New Craze?

There’s so many vapes available for purchase that it can be hard for new vapers to make the right choice for themselves.

If you want something that’s simple to use to help you finally kick those cigarettes then a disposable is the right choice for you.

At Vapeorist.co.uk we have many disposables to choose from.

What is a disposable?

A disposable is a device where once the liquid inside has been vaped up you just dispose of it. Unlike other, more advanced vape devices a disposable is incredibly easy to use. A disposable is made up of the battery, the coil (heating element) and the liquid inside all of this is within the device which means no need to refill.

How to vape a disposable

Vaping a disposable couldn’t be easier, simply put the device to your mouth and inhale. There’s no buttons or anything like that

Positives of disposables

There are many positives of using a disposable over alternative vape kits.

First the ease of use with disposables is a big positive, their so convenient. There’s no need to charge or refill a disposable

Secondly because disposables are so compact they’re easy to store in your pocket and because of their small size you can vape disposables discretely


Since disposables don’t come with accessories or additional features such as temperature control they’re very affordable in fact most disposables cost just £6 which is much cheaper than other vape kits.


With disposables you don’t need to adjust anything or prime the coil like you would with other devices all you have to do is put it to your mouth and inhale and you’re underway.

Lifespan of a disposable

Normally the amount of puffs you get from a disposable is about 600 which is about 2ML of e-juice, this makes disposables a great option for busy nights out or if you’re in need of some quick nicotine. Other brands of disposables tend to last longer, for example the larger versions of Elf Bars have approximately 3,500 puffs, however these are illegal in the UK.


Flavours of disposables

The basic flavours disposables come in are tobacco and menthol, it doesn’t matter what brand of disposable you go with they will have these options however there are many other flavour options out there for example the e-liquid brand Dinner Lady produce disposables and they’re available in all their popular flavours from Lemon Tart to Strawberry Ice to Bubblegum Ice.

Are disposables a safe option?

Disposables are still classed as vapes and as a result are widely considered as being healthier than smoking, this is due to the fact that they don't contain the toxic chemicals that traditional cigarettes do. Furthermore disposables go through rigorous checks and are subject to intense government rules making them safe to use.

Who will use disposables?

Disposables aren’t for vapers who want to produce massive clouds nor are they for vapers who want an advanced device where they can change every last setting on it; instead disposables are for new vapers who want to quit cigarettes. Disposables are ideal for people trying to make the switch from smoking or also to have as a spare in the car or to take out with you socially  because they are a lot cheaper in case you lose your main vape.

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